Genshin Impact: How to Get Free Protogems?

Genshin Impact How to Get Free Protogems
Genshin Impact: How to Get Free Protogems?

Genshin Impact is a video game distributed by miHoYo just released (September 2020). Its success has been such that it already has more than 10 million downloads and has raised more than 100 million dollars in just two weeks. An achievement for a game of this type

Genshin Impact is an open world RPG game, both solo and online cooperative, available for PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile and PlayStation 4. With a design very similar to Zelda Breath of The Wild, one of the most critically acclaimed, we We will get into the skin of a character who will travel through the lands of Teyvat to find his family and complete well-argued secondary missions. Play with up to 4 characters at the same time to discover all the secrets.

Although it is a “free to play” game, it also has its own coins to achieve better characters and objects. These elements will allow us to advance faster and differentiate ourselves from other players.

The problem is that they have real monetary value and not all players are willing to pay for it. Let’s see how to get free protogems and primogems legally. Read on if you are interested

What are Protogems for in Genshin Impact?

Protogems are the official currency of the game. It is possible to acquire them with real money through a monthly subscription that varies between 5 and 10 euros per month. They can also be obtained for free while playing.

Its use is reduced to the purchase of wishes in the Gachapon. Those wishes will spawn you new characters with different abilities and strengths. Also objects.

The only problem is that the characters appear randomly so either you are very lucky or you will have to spend a good handful to get great characters.

What are Primogems for in Genshin Impact?

The primogems are one more currency of the game that allow us to advance faster and get new characters, weapons and objects. They can be used to exchange them for rarer special items, characters, and wishes.

Unlike the protogems, they are obtained more quickly and there are more scattered throughout the open world. With the monthly subscription you also receive a daily amount of this gem.

Free Primogems and Protogems in Genshin Impact? Be careful what you read on the Internet.

Surely you have ever searched for how to get free Primogems or unlimited Protogems. There are many pages, and those that are about to come out since the game is relatively new, that will promise you to get all of the above with hacks, mods or code generators. Be wary of all these methods.

For starters, never fill out a form with your game access data or your personal data. If you do, they will end up selling your information and account to third parties. You will receive spam emails and you may be subscribed to a paid service through your mobile phone. In the worst case, if you have inserted the card, you can lose money.

As for hacks and mods, in some situations it can work, but usually they have a “back door”. This means that they leave an access to your computer through which hackers can steal your information or insert viruses. In addition, this violates the policies of use of the game and your account can be banned.

Ways to get Protogems in the game

There are many ways to get free protogems in-game, but the fastest way will always be to buy them. Let’s see all the methods:

  • Log In: For a limited time, you can get Protogems for logging in.
  • Level Up – As in most games, when you increase the rank, you get a reward. To get them you have to go to the Mondstadt Adventurers Guild.
  • Partake in Offerings : Level up The Statues of the Seven by delivering Anemoculus. For each level, you will get protogems
  • Complete investigations – you will receive rewards for each chapter you complete
  • Complete Quests – Play by completing side quests. In many of them you will receive protogems as a reward.
  • Achievements : Claim them for rewards
  • Game Tips : It’s not that common, but if you read the tips you can get protogems

These methods may vary with each update. We recommend that you stay tuned for new updates.

Ways to get Primogems in the game

Primogems, unlike promogems, are very easy to get in-game. What’s more, they work like the coins in Super Mario. The easiest ways to get them are the following:

  • Open chests: In the open world you will find a large number that will allow you to level up and earn primogems.
  • Follow the Ghosts: Ghosts are blue, transparent entities scattered throughout the game. Don’t attack them. Follow them until they perch on a rock. When they do, a chest will appear. Sometimes you will need to follow up to 3 ghosts for the chest to appear, but you will know because there will be 3 rocks.
  • Pop balloons: In some corners there are plants. If you attack them, they will eject balloons. Use the bow to shoot them down and make chests appear.
  • Participate in events: there are continually events that give you free primogems
  • Log in: For a limited time it is possible to get free primogems every day
  • Access Spiral Abyss: You can only get there using the Wormhole when you have Adventure Rank equal to or greater than 20
  • Character level up and adventure: Some of the rewards will be primogems.
  • Complete the objectives
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