Stumble Guys: Tricks to Win More Games

Stumble Guys Trick
Stumble Guys: Tricks to Win More Games

Stumble Guys is the most addictive and entertaining game that we are going to find in the app stores of our mobile devices. If anyone has any doubts about this, just look at the numbers that Kitka Games, the game’s developer, has obtained. More than 100 million downloads worldwide, 90 more than last year.

You don’t have to be smart to realize that Stumble Guys is an adaptation or “tribute” to Fall Guys, the computer game that became fashionable during the pandemic and, today, continues to have a large number of players.

Stumble Guys is a game of the battle royale genre, a kind of all against all in which the objective is to beat the different maps before the rest of the players do. Each game consists of three scenarios. In the first two, practically all the players are eliminated, leaving only 8 for the final challenge.

Trophies, as well as experience points and tokens, are the most valued resources in the game. With them we can acquire new clothes, movements or characters and, why not say it, also the euphoria of defeating dozens of players.

In this post we are going to give you a series of tricks that will allow you to improve your style and increase the percentage of winning the games.

The map is your ally

Stumble Guys already has dozens of maps or scenarios in which to beat other players. Each of them features unique decorations as well as objects to interact with.

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We recommend that you study them and analyze the dynamics of the terrain. Dashing off a ball can knock you back or knock you off your feet, but if you use them right, they might give you a nice push in the right direction or block your opponents.

Physics is one more wild card that could come in handy

A characteristic of Stumble Guys is how realistic the contact with the environment and the rest of the players can be. Take advantage of this to leave others behind or to give yourself a little push forward. Block the path of the rest of the users, collide with the wall so as not to slip or open the doors from the direction in which more players are heading.

In addition to the environment, our characters also have the ability to jump, slide, and glide. Use it to dodge other users or plan when you shoot to try to get to your target.

Differentiate your character from the rest

It seems obvious, but it is not so. Like any Freemium game, Stumble Guys has different paid content that mainly allows you to stand out from the rest of the players. If you don’t want to pay, don’t worry, you can watch videos, opt for daily bonuses or win games to get characters.

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When we play for the first time, we will create our character, but it will have the most common clothes. This implies that when we participate in a tournament, many characters will be the same. If you are not quick enough to locate yourself, you may move wrongly and fall into the void or collide with other players.

Don’t run, survive

There are certain final levels where the goal is not to be the first to finish. In these you will have to be the last one standing. That is, survive the different obstacles that the map presents.

In these cases we recommend that you get as far away as possible from the rest of the players and dedicate yourself to buying time until they fall or eliminate each other. It may sound cowardly, but it is one of the methods that works best.

Play with your friends in the same room

Several eyes see better than two. If you manage to play with your friends in the same tournament and you are all in the same place, you can win. Help each other block the path of other characters or give each other a boost. Of course, only during the first two rounds, then you will be rivals again because only one can win.

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