Disney Mirrorverse: Free Orbs, Gold and Energy

Disney Mirrorverse has become the revelation game for mobile devices, both for Android and IOs. Its development and distribution comes from the hand of Kabam Games in collaboration with Disney Pixar. Such has been its success that in just over a week it has accumulated more than a million downloads.

Disney Mirrorverse is a real-time combat action RPG game set in the most important Disney and Pixar franchises, but with a different point of view. The story takes place in the Mirror Universe, created with the magic produced when two stars collide. In this new world we will find the most charismatic heroes and villains.

The Mirror Universe will be threatened by creatures and dark copies of these characters. Your mission will be to recruit the guardians, or characters with different attributes and attitudes, to put an end to that dark magic and bring peace again.

Disney Mirrorverse is a freemium game. This means that we can play for free, but there is certain paid content that will allow us to advance faster or get hold of certain additional content.

If this game stands out for something, it’s because of the amount of resources and materials available. Most are easy to get, but some are not. In this post we tell you how to get free orbs, energy and gold in Disney Mirrorverse.

Disney Mirrorverse: Free Orbs, Gold, and Energy



What is energy for in Disney Mirrorverse?

Energy is, without a doubt, the most important resource in the Disney Mirrorverse. Without it we will not be able to play or advance in our game.

Each user has a limited energy bar that will increase as we level up in the game. Each level requires a specific amount of energy to start. It is currently at three points, but this may change.


Mirrorverse Mickey


What is gold for in Disney Mirrorverse?

Gold is the free currency in the game. With it you can perform the basic tasks of Disney Mirrorverse. Its most common uses are the following.

  • Buy common objects in the bazaar.
  • Level up the rank of guardians.
  • Improve the talent of the heroes


Use of orbs in the Disney Mirrorverse

The orb is the premium currency of the Disney Mirrorverse. This has a real monetary value, it can be purchased from the application.

This currency allows us to get exclusive content, both seasonal and permanent. In addition, it is like a wild card that helps us advance faster in the game. Its most common uses are the following:

  • Buy summoning crystals of all types.
  • Acquire energy to participate in the games


Infinite Gold, Energy, and Orbs in the Disney Mirrorverse

If you have ever searched the Internet for how to get infinite energy, gold and orbs in Disney Mirrorverse, surely hundreds of results have appeared. We already anticipate that most of the results will not help you at all.

Some of these pages will offer you to use their code generators. Do not trust, they only want to steal your information to sell it to third parties. In the best case, you will only receive spam in your inbox, but if you have also given your mobile, you may be subscribed to paid messages from third parties.

If you download an .APK of the game, it may work fine, but it may contain some malicious software. Remember that these files do not have the protection of your device’s store and may be corrupted, stealing information from your phone. If you use it, do so at your own risk.

In short, we recommend you use reliable pages that do not ask you for anything in return for obtaining that information.


Mirrorverse Elsa


Get orbs during the game

Obtaining orbs while playing is possible, but it will be more and more complicated. In the first levels we will get a large amount, but as we advance in the game, it will be more complicated.

The easiest way to get orbs is to complete the main tutorial. You will get a few hundred easily.

You can also get orbs by completing the various levels and chapters. You will see the prize to be received before entering the level.

Level up your match to receive prizes that can include orbs. Also, if you complete quests and participate in the journal, you can also get them.

Participate in temporary events to receive the prizes that are given away at that time.


Get energy in the game

Getting energy while playing is practically the only method. The easiest way to get some points is to wait. From time to time, the energy bar will fill itself up to the maximum marked, which depends on the level you are at.

You can also get energy points using orbs. We do not recommend this method as it is very easy to get and the orbs are not.

Level up and complete the journal to get it. You won’t always get this award, but it’s often.

Finally, complete missions, do daily challenges, participate in levels or take advantage of promotions to get free energy while you play.


Get gold while playing

Gold can be obtained very easily while we play. When you reach the right level, you can even farm it in the Gold Dungeon.

You will receive gold as a reward for completing levels or finishing chapters. It will not always be like this, but it is a fairly common gift.

You will also be rewarded with gold by completing quests, using the journal or leveling up as a player.

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