Brawl Stars: How to Get Free Gems?

Brawl Stars How to Get Free Gems 1
Brawl Stars: How to Get Free Gems?

Supercell, developer of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans games, brings us Brawl Stars. It is a game for mobile phones and tablets that was released in 2018 and already has more than 100 million downloads worldwide.

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer strategy game where two teams with three characters each face each other. The objective is to eliminate the other team or get gems and hold them for a period of time. It even has a Battle Royale mode.

Each character is unique and they have special abilities, but to improve them or add resources, gems and coins are necessary. That is, in order to advance faster and face other players, it is necessary to have these resources.

If you want to know how to get free gems legally, keep reading this post. Let’s see the ways that do work.

What are gems for in Brawl Stars?

Gems are the most valued currency in Brawl Stars. It can be considered the main currency of the game, like diamonds in Garena Free Fire or gems in Lords Mobile.

This material allows us to advance faster in the game and customize the character in a unique way. In the end, the main objective of these is to differentiate yourself from the rest of the players. Let’s see what its most common uses are:

  • Buy boxes: they are random and you can win other exchange coins, items, objects, gems, tickets, Brawlers, etc.
  • Buy Skins: Get unique skins for your character. It is purely decorative, but they are usually related to the theme of some of the updates and passes. The highest price is usually 150 gems
  • Purchase Exclusive Items: These vary over time and can only be purchased with Gems, not Coins. Also, they are not available for a long time
  • Battle Passes: There are special passes that you can only access by purchasing a pass with gems.

Their price and value are always the same, but it is possible to find promotions that will allow you to get them at a lower price. Remember that the gems are obtained in the game or purchased with real money from the application itself.

Free gems in Brawl Stars? Be careful what you read on the Internet.

If you search the Internet for how to get Free Gems for Brawl Stars, you will find many methods that promise you infinite gems. Be wary of all those cheats, hacks and mods. All they want is to get hold of your data.

First of all, never give out your game username and password. Your account will be stolen in no time. Also, if you add your email, phone and password, the only thing you will get is receiving spam, paid subscriptions without your permission and, perhaps, a cloning of your card.

If you buy gems from third parties, it is also possible that the game itself ends up banning your account sooner or later. Use the strategies we mentioned in this article if you don’t want to waste your time and money.

Ways to get free gems in the game

Discounts on gem lots: The more gems you buy, the cheaper each of them will be. For example, 30 gems cost 2.30 euros, but 360 cost 22 euros. To get them, go to the “store” section of the application

  • Discounts on gem lots: The more gems you buy, the cheaper each of them will be. For example, 30 gems cost 2.30 euros, but 360 cost 22 euros. To get them, go to the “store” section of the application
  • Free Brawl Pass: It is the only way to get free gems in the game. Every time you win battles with your team in any mode, you accumulate reward tokens in the free Battle Pass. Depending on your level, you will earn between 10 and 20 gems. In addition, you can get other resources for free.
  • Paid Brawl Pass: You will have to invest a certain amount of gems and wait to see what resources you get. This method delivers better prizes than the free one.

Differences between coins and gems

In Brawl Stars there are two types of currencies: gems and coins. Do not confuse them since the way to get them and their function are very different.

On the one hand, the coins, along with the force points, are necessary to level up the characters. They can also be used to buy strength points for specific characters. It is a good way to balance these two elements and level up faster.

Coins are easier to get. Each day you log in you can claim a specific amount. They are also earned by reaching specific points on the trophy path or by opening boxes.

Gems are the equivalent of real money. With them we can buy objects, improve the characters and advance faster in the game. They are difficult to get for free, but it is possible.

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