Township: Free Money and Tickets

Township Free Money and Tickets
Township: Free Money and Tickets

Township is a game developed by Playrix, the same company that brought us Gardenscapes . This game is not new, it was released 9 years ago, but it has not stopped receiving updates and improving its graphics.

Since its launch, it has accumulated more than 100 million downloads worldwide and an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 with 8 million reviews on Google Play. These data are only from this store. Considering that it is available for IOs and computers, the number of players is much higher.

Township is a farm simulation game where the goal is to create the best city in the world and make it prosper . Connect with your friends through Facebook to help you and complete mini-games to complete the tasks as quickly as possible.

Township is a freemium game . This means that we can play for free, but there is certain paid content in the application. The premium currency is the ticket and can be purchased for real money or in-game.

In this post we tell you how to get free tickets and money to advance faster in the game. Continue reading for more information.

What are the Tickets for?

Banknotes are the premium currency in the game. They have real monetary value and allow us to do almost anything. In this list you will find the most common uses:

  • Accelerate the time of construction, improvement and repair of buildings.
  • Buy exclusive items.
  • Continue playing minigames.
  • Buy exclusive buildings.

What is the Money for?

Money, also called currency, is a pseudo premium currency. It is not considered as such, but it is necessary to advance in the game and has a real monetary value. The most common uses are the following:

  • Expand the land.
  • Buy objects and decoration.
  • Build and upgrade buildings.
  • Repair buildings.
  • Buy food for the animals.
  • Expand the number of neighbors

Codes and Hacks to get unlimited money and tickets

If you search the Internet for how to get tickets and money in Township, surely you have found hundreds of pages that claim to be code generators or offer you apks of the game. We anticipate that it is not reliable or does not work.

If you decide to use a code generator , in the worst case you will only waste your time. If you give them private information, such as email, mobile phone or your account information, you can lose yourself. You may start receiving spam or paid subscriptions on your mobile. It may also happen that you lose access to your game account.

If you decide to use an apk , it may work for you, but that application has not passed any filters. Anyone on the Internet has been able to modify it by adding malware to steal sensitive information from your mobile phone.

To avoid falling into these errors, we recommend that you seek information only on sites you trust and do not ask for anything in return. Here we ​​tell you methods that work, are safe and legal.

Get Tickets while playing Township

There are several ways to get tickets while you play, but the amounts that we will obtain will be minimal.

The easiest way is to link our account to Facebook . Only for this we will receive 5 tickets. If you level up as a player, you will also get tickets more often than in other modes.

If we complete daily or seasonal missions, we may get tickets as a reward. They are more common in seasonal ones.

Access the game every day to get the daily bonus. There is also a weekly bonus and if you access 5 days in a row , you will get better rewards.

Ask your friends for help . They are good substitutes for bills and make the game even more fun.

Get Money while playing Township

Earning money by playing is the main method in Township. The simplest way is by marketing the products that we generate and with the taxes of the residents.

You can also sell everything you don’t use or don’t fit in the warehouses. Extra money is never bad

Complete daily and weekly missions. Most prizes are received in the form of money to improve our city.

As with tickets, if you link your account to Facebook you will also receive an amount of money.

Leveling up and interacting with other users will earn you certain rewards. Many of them in the form of money.

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