Merge War Army Draft Battler: Free Energy, Gold, and Gems

Merge War Army Draft Battler: Free Energy, Gold, and Gems

Known as Merge War, Merge War Army Draft Battler is a mobile game for both Android and IOS. Funovus is the company in charge of this game that is currently in beta phase . It launched in August and has already amassed over 100,000 downloads worldwide.

Merge War is a platform, card, and auto battle game. Form a deck of cards with your favorite heroes and face the different levels to free the rooms that make them up from all the monsters. In addition, it also features various elements of a role-playing game, such as attribute and skill upgrades.

Merge War, as is common in this type of game, is freemium . This means that we can play for free, but there is certain paid content that will allow us to advance faster or get personalized cards. Your premium currency is the gem.

If you are one of those people who do not want to pay in a free game, in this post we will tell you how to get free gems, energy and gold . Continue reading for more information.

What is gold for in Merge War Army Draft Battler?

Gold is the main free “resource-currency” in Merge War. With it we perform the main tasks of the game, such as training. The most common uses of gold are these:

  • Improve character cards.
  • Activate and upgrade starting talents.

What are gems used for in Merge War?

Gems are the premium currency of the game. They have a real monetary value, that is, they can be purchased with money within the application. Gems are primarily used to gain an advantage in gameplay, both with items and crafting times. Its most common uses are the following:

  • Buy chests with random prizes.
  • Increase energy.
  • Change bonus options and talents during the game.
  • Get extra coins.
  • Second chance at games.

What is the function of energy in Merge War?

The energy only has one function and that is to allow you to enter the games to defeat the monsters in the rooms. The energy cost is about five points for each game with a maximum bar of 20.

Infinite Energy, Gold, and Gems in Merge War: Code Generators and Modded Apps

On the Internet there are hundreds of pages that promise to give you unlimited gold, energy and gems for Merge War Army Draft Battler. Do not trust all of them because we have already told you that, in general, it does not work.

If you use a page that acts as a code generator , they are most likely trying to scam you. If you enter your personal data, you will start receiving spam emails and, in the worst case, payment messages on your mobile phone.

Something similar happens with modified applications . They may work, but they don’t go through a security check like the rest of the apps in the store. This can cause them to hide malicious software that steals your information from your phone or renders it inoperable.

We ​​recommend you use pages that do not ask you for anything in return and include reliable information. Here you are safe.

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Get gold during the game

Gold is the easiest resource to get. Virtually any task will be rewarded with gold coins. We leave you a list with the main ways to get hold of them:

  • Level up as a player.
  • Free the various rooms in battle mode.
  • daily bonuses
  • See ads.
  • Buy them with gems.
  • Open the “War Fund” chest. This will be available every 8 hours.
  • Get “chest keys” in battle mode.
  • Open prize chests by completing a certain number of levels.

Get energy in the game

As we have already indicated, the energy is necessary to be able to access the battle mode. There is a maximum of 20 energy points in the container and it takes an average of 5 points to enter.

The good news is that it regenerates itself at the rate of one energy point every 5 minutes. If you don’t want to wait, you can always watch ads, buy it with gems, or level up to see if it regenerates on its own.

Get gems while playing Merge War

Gems are not as easy to get as coins, but it is easier than in other games. We list the main ways.

  • Player level up.
  • Complete the different levels successfully to receive it on occasion.
  • Open free chests.
  • See ads once a day.
  • Get chest keys.
  • Open the “War Fund” chest.
  • daily bonuses

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