Marvel Snap: Best Decks to Start

Marvel Snap: Best Decks to Start

Marvel Snap is the latest Marvel game for mobile devices and computers. It is available for both Android and iOS and has already become one of the best rated games on Google Play just a week after its release.

Marvel Snap is a collectible card game where you can make use of the most famous heroes and villains to confront other players on the battlefield. You will have to conquer three terrains with special characteristics by accumulating more points than your opponent.

There are hundreds of cards available with different styles. You can modify their visual aspect by taking them out of the frame or giving them a three-dimensional aspect. Also, change the illustration of the characters adapting them to other versions within the comics or the multiverse in general. Some of them may contain different abilities.

Although many of the elements, such as the combat terrain, appear randomly, strategy plays a very important role. One of them is related to the deck of cards we use. Remember that you can create four decks with a maximum of twelve cards in each.

In this post we give you the keys to create the best decks, as well as the most important predefined combinations. All this without spending money. Read on for more information.

Best ways to get cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a freemium game. This means that most or all of the content is free, but there is some paid content that allows us to advance faster or gives us some advantage in the game, such as acquiring cards.

It is not necessary to buy them since we have two ways to get them for free, although it is usually randomly:

  • The first one is by winning battles. Many times we will receive cards at the end, but this is reduced as we improve in the game.
  • The second consists of improving our cards to raise the level of rank. When we do so, we earn points and these can be used to get other short cards for free. These belong to a specific collection and you cannot move on to the next one until you have obtained all of them.

If we use gold, a premium resource of the game that can be obtained by paying or for free, we will be able to buy daily skins for the cards we already have available. Some of them may change the abilities of our character.

Best decks for beginners

At this point we are going to recommend a series of card combinations to make your game as productive as possible and to give you the greatest advantage. The selected cards are those that we can obtain in the first hours of play without investing.

Odin Deck

Virtually the entire community agrees that Odin’s combination is one of the best performing in Marvel Snap. Use “show up” cards along with other characters with special abilities, such as Wong to improve your score.

Discard Deck

The discard deck may seem like suicide in the game, but if we use the right cards it can give us a great advantage over the other player.

The Morbius card will add two power points every time you discard another card from your hand during the whole game.

Apocalypse adds four power points when you discard a card from your hand.

Deck to have more cards in your hand

There are characters with special abilities that allow us to draw more cards in our hand. Remember that the maximum number we can have in our hand is seven cards. This strategy is fine if we want to use them to increase their abilities, but it is not usually a good idea to mix it with sacrifice cards.

For this deck we recommend using the demon dinosaur, the beast and the collector cards.

Continuous power deck

The continuous power deck consists of cards that give you points or power during the game depending on the location where you place the card. For example, Mr Fantastic gives two extra power points to each card placed in the adjacent location. Iron Man doubles the total power of the location, and so on.

Movement decks

The movement decks are made up of character cards, both heroes and villains, that can move through the three terrains of the game. This may seem irrelevant, but if we combine them with power cards, we can increase their attributes just by moving from one scenario to another.

A good card for this system is Human Torch. It gains power simply by moving between terrains, but first, make sure you have enough space so that its movement is not blocked.

Heimdall performs the opposite function. This one does not move, but allows you to move others that do. If you have one that gains power by moving, you will get a new ability for it.

Opinion about card decks in Marvel Snap

The decks or card decks are one of the key pieces of Marvel Snap, but we must not forget that each card must be looked at individually. That is to say, creating a deck specialized in some type of power is always an added bonus, but we can also win the game by combining cards from all the available modes.

Remember also that the game is not decided until the sixth round. You may have a big advantage over your opponent, but the last round of action can change the course using some special ability because the opponent has planned that strategy to draw the final card at the end.

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