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Staff! – Job & Life Simulator  Review

Staff is a mobile game for both Android and IOS. Since its launch, more than a year ago, it has managed to accumulate more than 10 million downloads around the world and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play.

The company in charge of the development of Staff is SayGames Ltd , the same company that brought us the game My Little Universe. Knowing this, it is to be expected that many of the mechanics, as well as their visual style, will be very similar between the two. This is the case, keeping characters that, although in 3D, are well-crafted stick figures that interact with the environment in various ways .

In this life simulation game we will take control of a stick figure who has just bought a house that urgently needs renovation. With the help of your family, you will have to fix your new home by completing small mini-games, going to work and buying the furniture to your liking. It also has a narrative that will make us laugh more than once.

In this post we tell you everything you need to know about Staff: technical requirements, game mechanics, available jobs and much more. Continue reading for more information.

Staff! -Job & Life Simulator Data Sheet

Developer : SayGames Ltd.
Distributor: SayGames Ltd.
Available for Android and IOS.
Price: Free with in-app purchases and ads.
Available languages: Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian
Minimum requirements : 2GB RAM and 1GB ROM

Discover your new home

The first thing you have to do before you start playing is to download the application. We recommend that you have an Internet connection and enough space on your mobile device. Staff will download more content once you launch the app for the first time.

Completed the previous step, we are ready to play. You are going to meet your new home, a place almost in ruins that will need a lot of work . Complete the tutorial by going to work for the first time, buy some furniture, and fix the plug before your wife arrives.

Staff – Job & Life Simulator Gameplay

Staff is played with the screen held vertically . With the joystick at the bottom left we can move our character around the house and interact with the different rooms, furniture and characters.

At first glance, Staff seems like a simple and somewhat repetitive game, but it hides several secrets and features that we recommend learning about. To begin with, we can say that it has two game modes that are very different from each other: the mini-games and the home simulation. To all this we have to add a very well narrated story, with surprises every few game times.

Simulation mode

Simulation mode is the main one. It refers to the house itself. That is, to its repair by buying new furniture, fixing plugs, etc. It is the aesthetic part of Staff . In addition, here we will also have to keep our family, pets and friends happy.

The house is divided into several rooms. These work as a level system, until you complete the repair of one of the rooms you will not be able to start the next one. Although we have not completed the room, we can visit the rest without interacting with the environment.

Within the simulation mode, a main plot is included in which the relationship with the family, the care of the pets and the amount of work that we will have to do to get money come into play. Without money we will not be able to carry out reforms or buy furniture for our house. The money is obtained in the minigames.


It is the most entertaining part of Staff. We find two types of mini-games depending on the tasks that we are going to carry out: work and handyman .

Job is the main minigame. Each job is equivalent to one day in the game. They are something like different levels divided into working days with different jobs. Life itself, without a fixed job and doing what comes out.

The mini-games of the jobs will be very simple to perform and quite short. From painting a field, delivering packages or putting out a fire. All this with a very high level of detail, within its possibilities. All games take place in third person. When you finish the job you will receive an amount of money that you can triple if you decide to see an advertisement.

Handyman games are those that take place inside the house. You will have to repair plugs, chimneys, etc. Each one will be of a style with various levels of difficulty as we progress. For example, to repair plugs we will have to untangle the cables.

Give a little life to your puppet

As is common in this type of game, we can change the clothing and appearance of the character with different clothes or unique skins. The design change of the rest of the family members is also allowed. These can be bought with fictitious money, real money or by earning them when we work in the form of gifts.

Staff and their microtransactions

Staff is a freemium game . This means that we can play for free, but there is certain paid content that will give us certain advantages in our game. The great advantage (or disadvantage) of this game is that we can also see ads to avoid making purchases.

The free version of Staff includes ads every time we do a daily job. They can become very annoying, but for 3.99 euros we can eliminate them.

In addition, they also have tickets, the game’s premium currency. This is achieved by working, with promotions, bonuses or mini-games. If we don’t want to wait so long to get it, we can always buy them with real money. In addition, they will also remove the ads as if you had purchased the ad-free version.

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