My Little Universe

My Little Universe Review
My Little Universe Review

My Little Universe is a game for mobile devices, both for Android and IOS. SayGames , the company in charge of its distribution, brings us a game that, at first glance, may seem “strange” and unattractive. Nothing is further from reality. If not, tell the more than 10 million users it has around the world.

In My Little Universe we will take control of a “divine” orange stick figure. As a simulation and RPG , you will begin to build a new universe with your own hands using the resources you find or create.

In this game you can have a small world in your pocket with almost twenty resources and a dozen enemies. You decide how everything evolves. Yes, it will take work. A universe is not built in a day.

My Little Universe is a freemium game . This means that we can play for free, but there will be some paid content that will allow us to advance faster. If you don’t want to spend money, don’t worry, get the resources yourself or watch ads to speed up the process.

In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about My Little Universe: game mechanics, resources, and characters. Continue reading for more information.

My Little Universe Fact Sheet

Developer : SayGames Ltd.
Distributor: SayGames Ltd.
Available for Android and IOS.
Price: Free with in-app purchases and ads.
Available languages: Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian
Minimum requirements : 2GB RAM and 1GB ROM

Get on your rocket to become the divine orange stick figure

Before starting to play, we recommend that you have enough space on your mobile device and have an Internet connection to avoid unexpected expenses.

Once all of the above is done, we are ready to play. Just open the app and wait for the download to finish completely. The first thing you will see will be a very small world that has run out of resources. Cut down the trees to get on your rocket and find a new terrain.

When you land on the new future planet there will be nothing but trees and lose. It’s time to learn your skills as a creator. Before proceeding, we recommend linking a Gmail account to save your progress . It is not necessary, but if you change your mobile you will lose your game.

Game Mechanics

My Little Universe is a single player adventure simulation game. Its mechanics, although it may seem somewhat complex at first, is very simple. We explain it to you.

To begin with, it is played with the mobile screen vertically. By sliding your finger to the left you will move your orange stick figure, but where? if everything is empty. This is where the resource and weapon system comes into play. As soon as we start the game we will only find stone and wood. We can cut it down using the ax and the pike simply by standing next to these resources.

The material we obtain will accumulate in our backpack without any limit. With this we will be able to build new ground on the darkness . We just have to add the necessary resources in each of the marked points. Imagine a map divided into several sectors. Each sector has a limited number of quadrants that we will unlock. In each of these we will find enemies, new materials and refineries.

Main Resources

The new world does not build itself. With the help of a pick and an ax you will have to chop, fell, dig and extract minerals such as stone, wood, logs, sapphires, emeralds, gold and many more. As you progress in your game you will build forges to create wooden and iron boards that will allow you to make bridges and hard floors.

All of these resources are used to defeat strong enemies, unlock new quadrants, or sell them for gold.

As you progress through your new world, the enemies as well as the resources will become stronger and harder to kill or extract. Don’t worry, you can always use the already mined ones to upgrade your pike, mace and sword.


The main character of the game is an orange stick figure that has nothing special about it. I take this opportunity to tell you that, although the graphics are not spectacular, they fulfill their function and are perfectly animated for each situation.

As a novelty, My Little Universe has included a chest (which you will have to find in the quadrants) full of extra characters . Each of these modifies the appearance of our orange stick figure and gives it new abilities and attributes , such as more strength, more health or the ability to collect resources.

All the characters that you will find in the chest can only be purchased with real money . You decide if you think it’s worth it or not based on the amount of time you play.

Is My Little Universe free?

As we have already indicated, My Little Universe is a freemium game . There is some paid content within the app but you don’t need to get hold of it to continue playing. For example, we will be able to buy large amounts of resources by going through the cash register in the application.

For all the people who don’t want to pay, they have made it easy to view ads. The amount to obtain is not as high as paying, but it can get us out of some other trouble. In addition, simply by logging in every day we will receive a good random amount of free resources.

The only problem we see with this Freemium version is the number of ads that appear throughout the game. It is a way to monetize the game, but it is somewhat exaggerated. If you want to remove them, they give you the option of paying 5.99 euros one time. We recommend it for the amount of time lost.

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