Lily’s Garden

Lily´s Garden Review
Lily’s Garden Review

Tactile Games brings us one of the most downloaded games on Google Play. This is Lilys’s Garden, available for mobile devices, both for Android and IOS.

This strategy and puzzle game has managed to accumulate more than 50 million downloads only on Android devices. In addition, it has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Lily’s Garden is a mix between the well-known Candy Crush Saga and Garden Scapes . A combination that, at first glance, might not seem attractive, but it has been perfectly implemented, making it tremendously addictive.

In Lily’s Garden, we will have to help an unlucky girl who has just broken up with her partner and has lost her grandmother from whom she has received a house in ruins. Through mini-games and some skill in decoration, we will have to turn the mansion into the best house for Lily

If you want to know everything you need before you start playing Lily’s Garden, we recommend that you read this post.

Technical sheet Lily’s Garden

  • Developer: Tactile Games.
  • Distributor: Tactile Games.
  • Available for Android and IOs.
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases.
  • Available languages: Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish
  • Minimum requirements: 2GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM

Help Lily renovate her great aunt’s house

The first thing you have to do is download the application from your corresponding store. Make sure you have an Internet connection and enough space on your phone. Once this is done you are ready to start playing.

When you open the app, you will learn about Lily’s story and the tutorial will start. A girl with bad luck, nothing goes right for her. She just broke up with her partner, her apartment falls apart and her glasses break. When she is already desperate she receives a letter reporting the death of her great aunt and her inheritance. Lily packs her bags and moves into the mansion.

Once you access the mansion, you will see that it is in ruins. You will have to reform it by completing different tasks, such as completing mini-games or leveling up.

An effective mechanic, but nothing new

Lily’s Garden follows in the footsteps of other great titles like HomeScapes or GardenScapes. With a third person view and a zoom camera we will move around the terrain. There is no joystick. The way to move the character is by pressing the task to be completed.

We are going to analyze the two game modes explaining their main features and mechanics.

Strategy Mode

It is the one that focuses on the repair and decoration of the gardens and the mansion, as well as the main plot and Lily’s problems. We will spend a lot of time in this mode, but the resources can only be obtained in the minigames. Then we will talk more in depth about this other.

Garden repair and decoration is quite free. There are no unique elements to add. For example, we can choose from various styles of mailboxes, fonts, and special decorations. Of course, each one has its price.


It is the most playable part of Lily’s Garden. To be able to carry out the repairs we will need money and stars . These can only be obtained by playing the different mini-games.

Most of the missions will consist of collecting pieces of a certain color by moving pieces in a Candy Crush Saga style. As in this one, we will have the help of enhancers that will destroy pieces or give us extra rolls.

The number of games you can play will depend on the lives you have accumulated. At the beginning, the maximum number is 4. These are lost when you do not complete a level, but they complete themselves over time.

Lily’s Garden Resources

Lily’s Garden is a freemium game. This means that, although you can play for free, there is exclusive content. To “limit” the gameplay, it has a series of necessary resources. These also allow us to advance faster or buy new decorations.

Stars: they are necessary to be able to repair and build in our garden. They can only be obtained by playing and winning the mini-games.

Lives: allow you to play the minigames. If you don’t complete the level, you will lose a life. When you run out of them you will have to wait for the bar to fill up again or use real money to acquire them.

Coins or gold: used to purchase and repair furniture. It is achieved by playing or leveling up.

Review of Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden is one of the most downloaded and highest rated strategy games on Google Play. It is true that it does not invent anything new, but it works very well and is quite entertaining.

A point in its favor is how well the main story is narrated and how it progresses as you play. I do not count more so as not to make Spoilers, but I do say that this plot is being expanded by the developers.

Regarding its graphic section, we have no complaints. The animations are very successful, the stage has many details and the movable camera allows us to appreciate it with better quality.

To put a but, the necessary resources to advance are increasingly difficult to obtain. This leads us to wait for the marked times or to invest real money.

All in all, Lily’s Garden is a perfect game to pass the time, with a good story, fun games, and lots of decoration elements.

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