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Kinja Run Review

Kinja Run is a mobile game for both Android and IOS. Distributed by the Habby company, Kinja Run has become one of the most downloaded racing games on Google Play with over a million players worldwide.

It belongs to the auto racing genre , but it has some features typical of an action platform RPG . In Kinja Run we will get into the shoes of a brave ninja cat who will have to eliminate all the enemies while he runs through the different territories. A mechanic never seen in games of this style.

We highlight its graphics, in three dimensions and very colorful, and its battles that, although they say they are automatic, the correct term would be semi-automatic. We don’t forget the RPG-style progression of our character and how well elaborated the different maps are, with terrain that will interfere with our game.

In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about Kinga Run: game modes, resources, skills, and maps. Continue reading for more information.

Kinja Run Technical Sheet

  • Developer : Habby.
  • Distributor: Hotoon Game, Habby and Gorilla Game Studio.
  • Available for Android and IOS.
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases and ads.
  • Available languages: Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, English, Japanese, Portuguese.
  • Minimum requirements : 2GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM

Return peace to all territories

The first thing you have to do before downloading the application is to have a WiFi connection and enough space on your mobile device. This will avoid possible data charges on your bill and stoppage of the download due to lack of space.

Once all of the above is done, we are ready to play. It’s time to take control of the ninja cat and beat the first level as a tutorial. Here they will explain to us what are the basic controls of the character, the type of enemies and their special abilities.

Game mechanics and modes

Kinja Run is played with the mobile device’s screen vertical in all its modes, including in the main menu. From this menu you have access to the store where you can buy the main resources. It also allows you to enter the different game modes of Kinja Run.

On this screen we also have the possibility of receiving daily bonuses, opening and buying chests with resources, consulting missions and temporary events, as well as collecting their corresponding rewards.

RPG mode

Continuing with the main menu, from this section you can also access the RPG mode. Although it is a racing game, our character can also be equipped to improve his attributes, as well as increase his abilities. The two main sections are as follows:

Talent : in this section, as its name indicates, we have access to the character’s talents. They are displayed in two locked vertical lines that can be activated using coins. For example, we can improve attack, defense or health.

The second bar buffs more specific abilities, such as critical strike chance. These require other types of resources to activate.

Equipment : in this section we have access to our character’s equipment: boots, clothes, weapons and jewelry that we will get throughout the game. These increase the attack capacity and the amount of life of our character. There are many types so make the best possible combination.

Clothes and weapons have a level each. As you go up this, more attack points and life you will receive. To improve them it is necessary to have gold and a specific number of reinforcement books

Career mode

Career mode is the most interactive form of gameplay. It is accessed by clicking on “battle” in the main menu. To participate in a race we will need a certain amount of energy.

Once inside the race, we will see how the character moves alone on the ground. You just move the character from side to side with your finger to avoid obstacles, jump or attack enemies.

Each level is divided into ten slots and a final boss . To complete each of them you have to face more powerful enemies. To dodge their attacks you just have to move and avoid being hit by the balls.

Each level will be more difficult, so you have special abilities that can only be used in this mode. Every time you free one of the ten slots, you can choose a new one from the three random ones that are displayed: beam of light, beam of fire, ghost ninja, health increase, etc. These will allow us to eliminate enemies faster

Main Kinja Run Resources

Kinja Run is a freemium game. This means that we can play for free, but there is certain paid content that allows us to advance faster. There are also other free resources that make the gameplay easier. The three main ones are the following:

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Gold coins are the free currency of Kinja Run. They are obtained in races, missions or with daily bonuses. Gold, in addition to buying items, allows us to improve our attributes and level up equipment.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. They have real monetary value and can be purchased within the app or earned for free while playing. With them we can resurrect in career mode, buy chests and much more.

Energy is the basic resource to access career mode. It regenerates on its own, but can also be purchased with gems.

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