Call of Antia

Call of Antia: Game Tips and Tricks

Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG  is a role-playing game from the developers of FunPlus International AG. You have to go from being a common warrior to a king, lead a squad of heroes and fight against the forces of evil. The game mechanics is based on passing puzzles three in a row, pumping characters and building a county.

Battles take place in PvE and PvP modes. You can even raise your own fighting dragons, join an alliance and engage in massive alliance wars!

The game is distinguished by pleasant graphics in soft colors, a well-thought-out story, and good music.


You are the Chosen One and the world of Antiya is calling you. Are you ready to dive into this fantasy world? So, the dark force is back. You have to take on the role of a powerful lord who will enter an unequal battle against the forces of darkness.

It’s time to build your own county, recruit legendary heroes and train epic dragons! This is a unique RPG that unleashes the potential of dragons and heroes through classic Match-3 puzzle gameplay to fight against enemies fearlessly.

Are you ready? Let’s reveal Antiya’s secret!

What is Call Of Antia?

Call of Antia is a unique RPG that unleashes the potential of dragons and fearless heroes against enemies through classic Match-3 puzzle gameplay.

  • Exciting Match 3 game.  Interesting strategic battles, challenging journey.
  • Building your own county. Build your own county, train strong soldiers and become a true king.
  • Legendary Heroes. Collect more than 50 epic heroes, level up and improve their skills! Try different strategies and use your best heroes to defeat the darkness.
    ancient dragons. Dragons are secret weapons of war, your strongest allies, crushing all enemies. Find legendary dragons and they will reveal to you the secrets that abound in the world of Antiya.
  • An exciting journey. You will meet diverse and unique enemies: a funny goblin with a huge bag of treasures, a monstrous two-headed orc, a sinister assassin and even a dryad. There are many bonuses waiting for you.
  • Online battles. Various battle modes: Alliance Wars, 1v1 battles and Fallen Titans. Fight for glory alongside your allies.
    world community. Join an alliance and play with millions of players from all over the world, as well as receive generous rewards.
  • Numerous events. Get free items at a variety of events. You can participate in several events at the same time. Find allies and participate in epic events together.

Is Call of Antia a free game?

You can download and play Call of Antia for free. Here you can also make in-app purchases with real money, which can be useful for players who want to play at a faster pace. But the chances of getting heroes and weapons are the same for all players. Please note that all items available for purchase can be obtained in the game for free. Players have the same opportunities regardless of whether they spend money or not.

What is a Summoning Gate?

The  summon gate  is used to obtain new heroes. For diamonds and summon tokens, you can get heroes of any element and any star level. Usually the summoning is done for diamonds, but there are special tokens that allow you to summon heroes for free. These special tokens can be obtained for daily quests and beginner quests, as well as for participating in events.


To enter the arena, tap the Explore button. You can challenge the hero squads of other players. If you manage to win the arena, you will receive additional rewards such as gold, arena coins, and ranking points. The higher your rank, the richer the rewards. If you lose, you will lose your ranking points. Also, at the end of each day, you will receive rewards in the mail based on your rank.

What is Misty Ruins mode?

Misty Ruins  is a casual adventure mode. When it is open, you can enter the ruins and explore them. In this mode, you start with all the heroes on the first level of the ruins, your task is to get to the depths. In each level, you will dispel the fog and open tiles with events.

You can only dispel fog on adjacent tiles with a tile already open. An encounter with the guardian blocks all adjacent tiles covered in mist. He defeats the guard and cuts them open. Each level has a boss with a key. Defeat the boss and open a new level. There are 9 levels in total in the ruins. After completing levels 3, 6 and 9, you will find a cave. The caves are mysterious and full of rare treasures.

The level is too difficult. After the fifth or sixth chapter, the enemies become much stronger, but you can easily defeat them if you prepare a bit. The most important thing is to remember to upgrade your heroes, buildings, and dragons as you level up. Here are some tips to help you with the levels:

  • Upgrade your buildings, especially the training ground.
  • Level up your dragons
  • Level up your heroes.

How do I get dragons?

You can raise a dragon that will become one of your strongest fighting allies. Dragon skills can deal damage, heal, apply positive effects to your heroes, and apply negative effects to enemies.

What can you buy in the store?

The store is divided into several sections: the daily store, the hero store, the arena store, the weapon store, and the honor store . You can use diamonds to upgrade items in the store.

  • In the daily and arena shops  , you can purchase training materials, hero and dragon ascension items, weapon upgrade items, and dragon shards.
  • In the weapon shop  , you can buy upgrade materials, weapon parts, 4 stars. and 5 star weapon.
  • The Honor Shop  contains weapon materials, experience potions, and exaltation items.

How do I change my name or avatar?

Touch the avatar in the upper left corner of the main screen; you will see information about the player. You can change the name or avatar by touching the corresponding menu item. Changing your avatar is completely free.

Can I play Call of Antia offline?

Call of Antia is a mobile multiplayer online game  . Therefore, it is impossible to play here alone or without the Internet. However, even though the Arena and Alliances are in the game, whether or not you use these features is up to you.

Call of Antia: Hero Acquisition and Ascension Guide

Why didn’t I get the hero I saw at the summoning gate?

All summon gates show the heroes you can get. But this does not mean that you are guaranteed to receive them.

If you use the “Summon x10” option  , the chance to get 4-star or 5-star heroes increases. Remember that the chance of getting an epic or legendary hero does not change when you select the “Summon x10” option and when you use “Summon x1”. However, if you use Epic Summon, it increases the chance of getting Epic Heroes.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll summon an epic or legendary hero using the “Summon x10” option, but on the other hand, you might get lucky and the hero you were looking for will retire. You can also check the guarantees that Epic Call provides: it says that you will receive a 5 star. hero for the next xx summons.

How do I level up my heroes?

You can power up your heroes by leveling them up. Leveling up increases stats , including the hero’s attack, defense, and health. You can increase the level of the hero in the following ways:

  Go to the list by tapping the “Heroes” button at the bottom of the game screen.   Select the desired hero from the list.
  Press the Upgrade Hero button.
  Leveling up requires experience and gold potions. You can see how much experience and gold potions are needed to level up the hero in the upgrade panel.

Level Up Heroes

How can I promote my heroes?

Each hero can be promoted after reaching a certain level. Ascended heroes can significantly increase their stats. You can promote heroes in the following ways :

  Choose a hero from the list.
  Tap the Upload button. You will see what items and in what quantity are needed for this.
 If you have enough items and gold, you can upgrade the hero. Otherwise, the necessary items can be obtained by beating stages, defeating titans, and also by purchasing them from shops.

Call of Antia: Characteristics of combat mechanics

Elements Call Of Antia

In  Call of Antia  , each hero belongs to a certain type of element. In battle, you will also see Naya stones of different elements. Each element gives heroes an advantage over enemies of one element , but makes them vulnerable to another (see screenshot). You can always see the connections between items by tapping the item icon in the top left corner of the screen during a battle.

  • Nature is strong against water.
  • Fire is strong against nature.
  • Water is strong against fire.
  • The heroes of light and dark are strong against each other, but weak against their own kind.

What are Naya Healing Stones?

Healing Naya Stone

Healing Naya Stones cannot be activated by touching them. But you can move them and use them in combination with Naya’s blue stones, Naya’s bombs and explosions and restore 10% HP to a random hero and nearby heroes every turn for 3 turns. To obtain Healing Naya Stones  , break objects (pots, oak barrels, etc.) or use certain abilities of the heroes of Chattingdale.

What are Naya Mana Stones ?

Mana Naya Stones

Mana Naya Stones cannot be activated by touching them. But you can move them and use them in combination with Naya’s blue stones, Naya’s bombs and explosions and restore 10 units each. mana from a random hero and nearby heroes. If they are Wave Catcher heroes, the stone will restore 5 more mana. To get  Naya Mana Stones , break objects (pots, oak barrels, etc.) or use certain abilities of the Wave Catcher heroes.

What are the positive and negative effects?

Status effects can most often be described as positive and negative. Some spells or powers can simultaneously impose negative effects on the enemy and positive effects on an ally.

  Perks give heroes various advantages.
  Debuffs negatively affect heroes in various ways.

Heroes Dispel

Please note that positive, negative and other effects are indicated at the bottom of the corresponding hero avatars for the entire duration of these effects. By tapping on the corresponding hero, you can see the duration of the effects that have been applied to it.

Call of Antia: How to create an Alliance?

How can I create my Alliance?

If you don’t want to join existing alliances, you can always create your own  . Creating your alliance will allow you to customize your avatar, description and language. Before creating your alliance, make sure you are not already a member of an alliance, then simply tap on the alliance icon on the screen. Select “Create” and you are ready to set up.

Keep in mind that creating an alliance costs 500 diamonds, so think about it. After creating an alliance, you can change its description, sign, etc. in the “Settings” tab of the Alliance page. Remember that the name and description of the alliance must not violate the “Chat Rules and Guidelines” and the “User Agreement”.

How can I find players for my alliance?

If you have created your own alliance, the easiest way to find players is by actively communicating on Discord, in-game chat, and other social networks.

The leader of our alliance does not enter the game

The transfer of leadership is not yet possible. Note that almost all alliance features are available to substitutes. Since the alliance leader cannot be removed, you can consider creating a new alliance and transferring active players to it.

Call of Antia: Alliance War Guide

The Alliance War  takes place every 3 days. It consists of 3 stages: registration, deployment and battle.


The registration stage lasts for 24 hours, during this stage all members of the alliance must register for the war. An alliance in which more than 15 participants have registered is allowed to participate.


This stage lasts 24 hours, each member of the alliance must send a defense squad to their place.


The battle stage lasts 24 hours, each player has 3 units at the start of the battle. war energy. After 12 hours, each player will receive 3 more units. war energy. For each attack, your alliance will receive War Points depending on the damage dealt. At the end of the battle stage, the alliance with the most points wins.

Battle rules

Each Alien War battle involves two squads of 5 heroes. If your alliance rank is “gold” or lower, all heroes that survived after the battle can be reused. But if the alliance rank is higher, each hero can be used only once during the war.

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