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Disney Emoji Blitz is one of many mobile games inspired by the world of Disney and Pixar. The person in charge of its development is the Jam City company, known for famous franchise games such as Jurassic World. It was launched in the middle of the year 2016 and is available for both Android and IOS.

The premise of Disney Emoji Blitz is very simple, but it has some features that we are not used to seeing in this type of game. Its mechanics are very similar to that of Candy Crush: you will have to make combinations of Disney characters within a board to eliminate them.

The main difference is that all the character icons and objects are collectible and we can use them in our conversations with friends once we get hold of them. We will explain this later.

In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about Disney Emoji Blitz: game mechanics, characters, resources, and tricks to get emojis.

Disney Emoji Blitz! Fact Sheet

Developer : Jam City INC
Distributor: Jam City INC and The Walt Disney Company
Available for Android and IOS.
Price: Free with in-app purchases and ads.
Available languages:  Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian.
Minimum requirements : 2GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM

Combine emojis of your favorite characters to win the game

The first thing you have to do before downloading the application is to have a WiFi connection and enough space on your device. This will avoid unnecessary charges on your bill and pauses during the download process.

With all of the above complete, we’re ready to play and complete the tutorial. Select your first emoji to access the game. You have Sulley, Ariel and Simba available. Each one has special abilities that will be useful to you on the board, so choose the best one based on your strategy.

In these first games they will explain the process to get points, power-ups, your character’s special abilities and the bonus that will earn you more points.

How to play Disney Emoji Blitz?

The mechanics of Disney Emoji Blitz is very simple and very similar to other puzzle games. Each game takes place on a 7×7 board with various icons of your favorite Disney characters. The goal is to match a minimum of three to score points and get them to move around the board.

Each game lasts 60 seconds and in that time you have to get the most points. You don’t lose here, you just win. To access one you need to use a life.

Combinations of more than three pieces will produce other ones with more powerful effects, such as removing rows and columns or getting rid of all the same icons of the piece you have combined.

You also have power-ups that will help you in the game, such as removing cells or increasing the duration of the game. Also, if you make many points in a row, a bar will be activated that will allow you to earn more points with your combinations for a certain time.

Characters and special abilities

Everything we’ve told you so far may make the game seem simple, but luckily it has a feature that will get you even more hooked. When you start a game you have to do it with a main character. This one has a special ability that will activate when you eliminate a certain number of its emojis in the game.

Special abilities change for each character. For example, Mickey Mouse places clouds on the board that eliminate rows and columns, Tinkerbell only generates a power-up, but it is one of the strong ones.

There are over 500 characters that you will be able to use once in the collections and each one will act in a unique way.

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Use the collected emojis on your mobile device

Something that characterizes Disney Emoji Blitz is that all the emojis you get in the game, both characters and objects, you can use later on your phone. The only condition is that your device has a touch keyboard and you have accepted the necessary permissions to move them.

In addition, there are variations of the characters, with different expressions, which will be very useful in your conversations. To see the ones you have collected, you just have to go to the “Characters” section. They are arranged by franchises.

If you want one in particular, you can always open chests, play roulette, win them in games or buy them with coins.

How do I get the items?

The way to get the characters is quite intuitive, but the objects are more complicated. During the game we will see that there are several collections of objects related to a specific theme. To move to another first you have to get all of that.

The only way is to get them off the board during games. These will appear randomly in the games and you will have to move them to the last cell eliminating other emoticons.

Resources available in Disney Emoji Blitz

Like most mobile games, Disney Emoji Blitz is a freemium game. This means that we can play for free, but there is some paid content that will allow us to advance faster and get hold of unique emojis. The main resources are the following:

Coins: is the free currency of the game. With it we can open boxes or improve our characters. It is obtained for free by playing and performing other actions.

Gems: It is the premium currency of the game. It has a real monetary value and can be purchased from the application. Its main use is to buy lives or change missions.

Life: they are necessary to access the games. They spawn on their own, but can also be obtained as a reward for completing quests, rolling the wheel, or leveling up.

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