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Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor

super sus
Super Sus Review

Super Sus is a multiplayer role-playing game distributed by the Pi Productions company. It is available for mobile devices, both for Android and IOS, and to play on a desktop browser with

Super Sus is, without a doubt, the game we’ve all been waiting for. After the boom of Among Us , we wanted a version with better graphics and better gameplay. This has been achieved with Super Sus, with characters and terrain in 3 dimensions and spectacular animations. Such has been its success that it already has more than ten million players around the world.

In Super Sus we will be part of the crew of a ship and our mission will be to survive and carry out maintenance tasks. This, as long as we have not acquired the role of the impostor or another neutral character. We will discuss this point in more detail in the roles section.

As a novelty, in the application itself we will have included the option of voice chat or written for meetings when determining the impostor. We will no longer need external software to participate.

In this post we tell you everything you need to know about Super Sus: game mechanics, character roles and main resources. Continue reading for more information.

Technical sheet of Super Sus

Developer : Pi ProductionsTM.
Distributor: Pi ProductionsTM.
Available for Android and IOS.
Price: Free with in-app purchases.
Available languages:  English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish.
Minimum requirements : 2GB of RAM and 2GB of ROM

Are you a crew member or impostor?

Before downloading the application we recommend that you have enough space on your mobile device and have a WiFi connection. This will avoid unnecessary expenses and waiting during the download.

Once all of the above is done, we are ready to play. You will be able to choose if you want to register with Facebook, Gmail or other methods. If you prefer, you can also participate as a guest. When you do, you will start a game as a tutorial. Complete the tasks and pay attention to the rest of the players to get the greatest number of prizes and trophies.

When you finish the test game, you will have to provide some extra personal information, such as your age, username and permissions to activate the microphone during the game.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics of Super Sus is very simple and practically the same as that of Among Us, but with certain differences.

The first thing is to join a game with other players. If you turn on location, it will create a match with players near you and it will take precedence that they speak your language. Once started, the roles will be distributed to each player. There are three different ones that we will see later.

Your objective will depend on the role you play, but it will mainly consist of doing/undoing the tasks of the ship and surviving/killing other players.

Each game lasts ten minutes and, in addition to earning points, you will have to agree with all the players to find the impostors and launch them into space. This can be done with a written or audio chat once a meeting is requested due to suspicion of who the impostor is.

To request an emergency meeting, it is recommended to press the button on the table in the main room. Here you can talk to each other and vote on who to throw overboard. For someone to be expelled, there must be something like a consensus. If you make a mistake and expel a crew member, he will die and you will have to continue the game with one less and giving advantage to the impostors.

Character Roles

As we have already indicated, in each game there are three character roles: crew, impostors and neutrals. We will explain each of them.

The crew member is the quintessential role of the game. They have to try to survive, perform ship tasks and find the impostor.

The impostor is the player who has infiltrated the ship to corrupt it. There are two per game and your goal is to kill other players without being seen and break all the circuits in the game.

The Neutral role is the new Super Sus mod. These are free-roaming and have their own unique quests and abilities. The current ones are the following:

  1. The clown has to make the rest of the players believe that he is the impostor. If they expel him, the clown will win the game.
  2. The Mesmer allows you to recruit another player as a minion.
  3. The ghost appears when a player is killed. Your mission is to complete tasks to win, but you cannot meet other players.
  4. Survivor: Has shields that can be used three times.

Available Maps

Unlike Among Us, Super Sus features multiple maps. These have different tasks, visual styles, size, and sometimes game mechanics. The four slots now are as follows:

Spaceship : It is the main map. All users start at this. It is considered the simplest and has a symmetrical ventilation system and many tasks that will allow us to earn points.

Air Force Laboratory: It is situated at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere and is the smallest of the four. It has 19 tasks and 14 locations. This map is unlocked after you play 3-5 games on the spaceship.

Martian Base: The terrain is located on Mars and is considered a place free of ghosts. It contains 24 tasks or missions and 14 locations. To unlock this map you need to have at least 200 trophies.

Giant Airship: A blimp acts as a map and is the largest of the four. It is also the most difficult and has a perfect structure for ghosts. Moving platforms and stairs are added to this map. To unlock it you need to have at least 550 trophies under your belt.

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