Merge War: Army Draft Battler

Merge War Army Draft Battler
Merge War: Army Draft Battler Review

Merge War – Army Draft Battler is a game developed and distributed by Funovus LLC. It is available for mobile devices, both for Android and IOS, from the end of August. At the moment it is in beta phase so it is to be expected that they will add new features to the game very soon.

Merge War, a puzzle and card game with certain role-playing touches , has entered Google Play with force, where it has already accumulated more than 100,000 downloads. It is not surprising since its mechanics, original to say the least, and its graphics make it the perfect companion to kill boredom.

In this game we will have to form our own deck of cards with characters of different types and abilities. The objective is to put them on the battlefield and combine them with each other to increase their abilities and defeat the enemy monsters in the rooms that make up the levels.

In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about Merge War: game mechanics, card types, characters, and resources. Continue reading for more information.

Merge War Army Draft Battler: Tech Sheet

Developer : Funovus LLC.
Distributor: Funovus LLC.
Available for Android and IOS.
Price: Free with in-app purchases and ads.
Available languages: Spanish, German, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, English, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic and Italian.
Minimum requirements : 2GB of RAM and 2GB of ROM

Join the battle by creating your own team

The first thing you have to do before downloading the application is to have WiFi access and enough space on your device. This will avoid unnecessary cuts during the download and extra expenses on our bill.

With all of the above complete, we’re ready to start the tutorial. Merge War offers us a series of test battles in which we will have to overcome three levels with approximately three rooms each. These games do not consume resources and will allow us to get hold of other characters. Complete it to unlock all sections of the game and choose a username.

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Game mechanics: modes

As we have already indicated, the mechanics of Merge War are very different from what we are used to, but very easy to understand. First of all, we will play with the screen vertical in any of its modes. To move, we will only have to click on the section that we want to open. Let’s see the two game modes available.

Auto battle mode

It is the most entertaining part of Merge War. To access we will have to go into battle using energy points.

The battle mechanics are very simple. They are divided into different levels with several rooms full of monsters. In order to advance to another level, you first have to beat the previous one. The same goes for the monster rooms.

The rooms represent a kind of chessboard, but modifiable. Enemies are at the top of the board and your terrain is at the bottom. You must summon cards from your deck to the various grids. The number of characters to summon will depend on the space available and the amount of summoning coins you have. You also have a board ability that allows you to attack your enemies with force twice per level.

Summon Coins are a resource that can only be used while playing the game. You get 6 for free every time you clear a room and also when you fuse characters near rocks.

The cards that appear on the board come out randomly based on the characters you have in your deck. These are repeated with some frequency and the goal is to merge them to create stronger characters, like in the game «2048».

Role RPG mode

The first menu we have access to is the rpg mode. From this section we can access, in addition to the store and the main payment resources, the creation of our deck, improvement of cards and activation of talents .

That is, it allows us to increase the level of our characters to make them stronger in battle. To achieve this, we will need character cards and gold. For talents, only gold.

Talents do not improve the character as such. What they do is increase everyone’s attributes by improving our board.

Card types and characters

Character cards are the ones we use in battles . They are obtained as a reward for leveling up, beating rooms and opening chests. Each of these characters has a series of specific abilities depending on their type and rarity . If the same character appears several times during combat, you can merge it to make it evolve and improve its abilities.

When they reach level 3, they unlock their special ability. These are more powerful and can defeat enemies more quickly.

The types of characters that we can find are defense, wise and attack. The former have more life, the latter have special ranged abilities and the attack ones are more powerful.

Main resources of Merge War: Army Draft Battler

Like any freemium game, Merge War has a series of resources that allow us to advance faster in the game or limit the number of games we can play without waiting. The three main ones are the following:

  • Gold is the free currency in the game. With it we can improve our characters and activate talents. They are very easy to get without paying.
  • Gems are the premium currency of the game. They allow us to get a certain advantage in the game and acquire chests, among other things.
  • The energy gives us access to participate in automatic battles. We have at our disposal 20 free points that regenerate themselves every 5 minutes.
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