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Summoners Greed
Summoner’s Greed Review

In Summoner’s Greed we will get into the skin of a summoner who has stolen the chest, full of treasures, of the king. Great heroes are ready to recover it and your objective will be to defeat them all in order to keep the loot. Summon monsters, use spells and help yourself from merchants to achieve your goal.

Summoner’s Greed is an auto defense game with some RPG overtones. That is, the game takes place without having to take any action, but you can improve the terrain, cast spells and level up your creatures.

This game doesn’t stand out for its graphics, nor does it stand out for its very complex mechanics, but it becomes tremendously addictive. In this post we are going to tell you what makes it so special so that its very simplicity makes it such a hooking game.

Summoner’s Greed Technical Sheet

Developer : Pixio.
Distributor: Pixio.
Available for Android and IOS.
Price: Free with in-app purchases and ads.
Available languages:  English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.
Minimum requirements : 2GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM

Survive endless waves of enemies

Before starting to play, we recommend that you have a Wi-Fi connection and enough space on your mobile device. This will avoid unnecessary charges on your bill and outages during the download process.

Once the application is downloaded, we are ready to play. The first thing you will see is a short video in which the summoner, your character, steals the king’s treasures. From this moment you become the number one enemy of the kingdom and all the heroes, army and magicians will want to hunt you down.

Complete the short tutorial where they will teach you how to summon monsters to defend your treasure. In the next point we will explain it more in depth.

Summoner’s Greed Gameplay

Summoner’s Greed game mechanics are very simple and intuitive. It is played with the screen of your device vertically and the battlefield will always appear. Each level is divided into waves or rounds. In each of them you will be attacked by a certain number and type of characters.

Every 10 waves you will face a hero with special abilities and many more enemies. These rounds are the save points. The game has no end.

The battlefield is nothing more than a piece of land that seems to be made up of a 3 by 3 space. In each of them there are three towers and three stones.

The stones are the ones that limit the terrain and make the enemies have to go around and go through all the rows and columns.

At the bottom is your character keeping the loot safe. Your goal is that no enemy can reach the end. To avoid this you can help yourself with spells or other skills.

Summon monsters to defend you

One of the key aspects of Summoner’s Greed is the summoning of monsters. There are dozens of creatures with unique abilities that can be upgraded and evolved.

On the battlefield there are nine turrets you can position them on: top three, middle three, and bottom three. Depending on your strategy, you will place them in one place or another. For example: there are creatures that attack only when they are in front of them, others attack from a distance, and others only increase the powers of their neighbors.

The goal of the monsters is not only to eliminate the heroes, but also to protect the stones to avoid opening shortcuts to the loot.

Creatures, just like in a role-playing game, can improve their attack attributes and special abilities by leveling up. They can also be equipped with items to make them stronger. These only go up using gold coins. Also, they don’t die in combat.

Monsters are summoned with orbs or gems and appear randomly. If you use orbs, common creatures will spawn more often, but with gems, epic monsters can spawn.

Waves and terrain

As we have already indicated, the game is always on autopilot and the different levels are divided into waves. The main difficulty we find is that the terrain does not regenerate in each wave, that is, if they destroy any rocks, they will disappear until the loot is stolen and the game restarts.

When you lose the wave, you will have two options: one last chance to beat that wave or start over. This last possibility allows you to start from wave one or from the last auto save point (every ten waves).

Every few waves, a vendor or visualizer will come to visit you. These will offer you resources in exchange for gold or for watching an ad. They are something like additional bonuses that we can take only if we want.

Summoner’s Greed Core Resources

Like most mobile games, Summoner’s Greed is a freemium game . This implies that we can play for free, but there is certain paid content that will allow us to advance faster or give us a certain advantage in the game.

In the case of this game, resources are used to summon, level up, or restart games. Here we leave you the three main ones.

Gold is the free currency of the game and it is very easy to get. We can get hold of it by eliminating enemies or opening the stolen chest from time to time. They are mainly used to improve our creatures.

Gems are one of the premium currencies, but they can also be obtained for free. Defeat special enemies, watch ads, or complete achievements to earn them. Gems allow us to summon rarer creatures, buy skills or restart a game more than once.

The orb is a resource that allows us to summon monsters. This is its only function. There are several ways to get them, such as completing waves or watching videos.

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